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Silver Shark Aquarium Чеканка первых монет на Руси началась в Киевской Руси в е годы X в. и продолжалось с перерывами до начала XI в. Самый большой выпуск первых русских монет был осуществлён в годы правления великого князя Киевского Владимира Святославовича. После смерти Владимира властью в Киеве. 67 A silver twenty a copper fifty: the dvugrivenny, or twenty-copeck coin, requested by the old lady, was a silver coin and, by Gogol's day, its value had risen to eighty copecks, while the poltinnik, or fifty-copeck piece, being made of copper, retained its face-value: hence the apparent discrepancy in these sums. Russian is. Copper coin in circulation is to be received at 34 copecks per silver copeck, with some modifications.. By a manifest of July 1, , His Imperial Majesty ordered the issue of notes of 50 roubles of silver, of a new form, to the amount of 30 millions of silver roubles, to be advanced against securities of immovable property, half.